TOYOTA HI ACE HIGH ROOF ambulância novo

TOYOTA HI ACE HIGH ROOF ambulância novo
Fotografia: TOYOTA HI ACE HIGH ROOF ambulância novo
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36 600 US$
≈ 33 501 €
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Tipo ambulância
Ano novo
Localização Grã-Bretanha various
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ID Autoline UL7352
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Estado do veículo novo
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New LHD Toyoto Hi Roof Hi Ace ambulance
Basic life support with below listed equipment. ALS equipment available.
Can quote to Convert to RHD for addtional 2,000 USD.
Diesel version available

Model Year : new
Transmission: 5-SPEED M/T
Displacement: cc 2694
Type/ Fuel Type: 4 CYL, 16 V, DOHC PETROL
Dimension: Lx Wx H mm 5380 X 1880 X 2285
Wheelbase: mm 3110
Gross Vehicle Weight: kgs 3250KGS
Tire Size 195R15
Fuel Tank Capacity Ltrs. 70
Steering LEFT HAND DRIVE (RHD can be quoted on).

Ambulance Conversion Specifications:
1 -C Sub-structure, Insulation, Reinforcement of Patient's Cabin
2 -C Flooring with Plywood with Vinyl Coating (Waterproof)
3 -C Complete Composite Ceiling System with Air Condition Channels
4 -C Roof Type Ventilation Fan
5 -C Air Conditioning System for the Patient's Cabin
6 -C Bulk Head with Sliding Glass Window
7 -C Medical Cabinet with Stainless Steel Panel for Installation of Medical Equipment such as Defibrillator, Ventilator, Suction Pump, Syringe Pump and etc.
8 -C Waste Bin
9 -C Electrical Wiring with Insulation
10 -C Electrical Control Panel/ Fuse Box
11 -C 3 Electrical Outlets (12V) 12 -C 1 Electrical Outlet (220V)
13 -C Extra Battery + Inverter
14 -C Shoreline Outlet
15 -C 2 Oxygen Regulator
16 -C 2 Humidifier and Oxygen Flowmeter
17 -C 2 Oxygen Outlet
18 -C Oxygen Cylinder Exchange Valve
19 -C Oxygen Pressure Gauge
20 -C Oxygen System related hoses
21 -C Seat Tip-up Squad Bench with under seat storage area, Back Rests and Seatbelts
22 -C Technician's Seat with Seat belt
23 -C Fire Extinguisher (2kg)
24 -C General & Complete various LED lighting of Patient's Cabin
25 -C Complete covering of Patient's Cabin
26 -C Siren System, Amplifier and Microphone
27 -C Public Address Alarm and LED Light bar
28 -C 2 Strobe Lights (LED)
29 -C Reverse Alarm
30 -C Flood Light, rear of ambulance
31 -C Rear Step
32 -C Platform for Stretcher and underneath storage for Spinal Board
33 -C Livery, Designing of Ambulance body
34 -C Glass Tinting of Ambulance
35 -C 2x I.V. Hooks
36 -C Emergency Hammer with Seat Belt Cutter
Medical Equipment:
1 -M Wall Mounted Sphygmomanometer
2 -M 2 Oxygen Cylinders, Steel, 10L with Valve
3 -M Roll-in Chair Cot - Automatic Loading with 10G Crash Test EN 1789 & EN 1865
4 -M Portable Suction PS154A, Rechargeable (AC/DC)
(With Wall Bracket, Suction Pump- Italy , Suction Gauge- Austria)
Constructed in Accordance with IEC 60601.1 and ISO 10079-1
5 -M Emergency Case Type IV (with Resuscitation Set)
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