MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516 carrinha de passageiros novo

MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516 carrinha de passageiros novo
Fotografia: MERCEDES-BENZ Sprinter 516 carrinha de passageiros novo
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73 474 €
≈ 79 984 US$
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Modelo Sprinter 516
Tipo carrinha de passageiros
Ano novo
Lugares 23
Data de publicação mais de um mês
ID Autoline BJ4632
Potência 163 cv (119.81 kW)
Combustível gasóleo
Volume 2190 cm³
Euro VI
Caixa de velocidades
Tipo manual
Aquecedor autônomo
Controlo da velocidade de cruzeiro (tempomat)
Estado do veículo
Estado do veículo novo
Número de registo NEW-6
Informação adicional: alemão
Fitting  M.B Sprinter 5 CDI 22+1 seats -   - Standard equipment: - Thermal and phonic insulation of the passenger compartment, - Plush seats 19 pcs, with backrest lid with UNI stoff, handles on the back, belts in 2 and 3 points, hoods, mounted on rails according to EU standard - Panoramic windows (extra dark) - Fitting right floor with anti skid Tego ( # 9 mm ) - Floor covered with anti skid linoleum, wear-resistant in tune with the interior - Air conditioning Autoclima 14,5 kW - Climate pipes with luggage rack - Heater Webasto Thermotop C (apa) 5 kW - Longitudinal radiators (2 pieces) with fans operated with electrically opening system kit - Lighting in the passenger compartment - 3 ceiling lamps with two positions (wakefulness and lighting), - Preparation for mounting LCD and reversing camera - Fixed low entry steps - - Radio CD Sony - Lighting at the acces steps (Light profile and Spot ) - Curtains at every window in the passenger compartment, - Mounting stainless bars inside and at the entrance - Sunroof glass emergency exit - Hammers beside the emergency exits,ideograms,inscriptions according to EU standard - First aid kit ( 1 pcs ) - Fire Extinguishers ( 1 pcs ) - Electronic clock with temperature display -   - Optionals included in price: -   - Extension of the body with original doors of the VAN ( cca, 350 mm) - Recessed luggage space with extension of the body with deepening storage space for the spare tire - TM Fridge - Side luggages 1,02 mc (102 kg) ? - Raised podium on both sides for all seats - Price difference for extra-high double glass windows (tinted black) - Superior window above the windshield - Glass front door on the right side electrically operated with BCE mechanism and lower entry stairs - - Light profile with two positions attached to the both climate pipes - Ornaments dashboard and armrests in imitation CARBON - Price dif./seat for: full leather / pcs - Endowment with 3 additional seats for 22+1 seats equipment - Price difference for metallic painting and varnshing - Additional painting (the front and rear bumpers and side flaps) -   - Other Optionals:** - - Rear panel with large rear window and access-cover to the luggage area - Guide seat - Recessed luggage space without extension of the body with deepening storage space for the spare tire - Mounting the trailer hook to extended body without deeper luggage space - - Frenzel Fridge(Fokt 611) - DVD and monitor 15?/17?/19'' ? - Heater Thermo 90 ST (apa) 9 kW - Price for installation the DVD and monitor of the customer - Price for installation radio CD / DVD of the customer - Stellar roof (LEDs) - - Seat fixed armrest to the window / pcs - Supporting bars for passengers foot / pcs - Coating of fabric for the driver's seat - - Price difference for the the back of the seats with UNI stoff or the same material as the seats / pcs - Price difference for upholstery with Micromotion stoff - Price difference for seat covered in Micromotion stoff / pcs - Additional painting with black above the window and on the dome ? - Trailer hook and mounting the trailer hook on deeper trunk
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