QINGDAO PROMISING TF20-30 empilhador retráctil novo

QINGDAO PROMISING TF20-30 empilhador retráctil novo
Fotografia: QINGDAO PROMISING TF20-30 empilhador retráctil novo
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13 400 €
≈ 15 003 US$
Modelo TF20-30
Tipo empilhador retráctil
Ano 02/2015
Primeiro registo 02/2015
Horas de utilização 5 m/h
Capacidade de carga 2000 kg
Peso líquido 2960 kg
Localização China Qingdao
Data de publicação Mai 27, 2017
ID Autoline FG6659
Tipo de torre duplo
Altura de elevação 3 m
Comprimento da forquilha 1.07 m
Largura da forquilha 100 mm
Velocidade 8.5 km/h
Peso bruto 4960 kg
Dimensões totais 2.471 m × 1.258 m × 2.32 m
Combustível elétrico
Capacidade da bateria 300 Ah
Estado do veículo
Estado do veículo novo
Controlo técnico 02.2018
Número de registo 842710200
Cor vermelho
Informação adicional: inglês
Electric Reach Truck
2.0T Capacity 48V Electric Rider Reach Truck with AC drive motor
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Rated Load: 2.0T
Lifting Height: 3.0m - 7.2m
Overall Length: 2471mm
Overall Width: 1258mm
Fork Size: 1070 x 100mm

48V Electric Reach Truck 2000kg Capacity belongs to industrial handling truck and is a kind of warehouse forklift truck; it is applicable to loading/unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods, and it is perfect for a wide range of applications. Electric rider Reach Trucks are versatile and highly maneuverable. An electric reach truck helps operators to put pallets away at height in narrow aisles.

1. Safety Device for neutral position to increase the safety of forklift;
2. High strength frame and high strength overhead guard to protect the operator;
3. Oil Stop Valve to protect the operator and goods;
4. AC electric controller with multiple automatic safety protection settings to reduce the operation accident by misoperation;
5. Fine adjustment capacity, the forklift can finish the extremely adjustment during moving;
6. Imported brushless AC motor that is dustproof and damp-proof with long working life, lower use-cost, controlled voltage/frequency;
7. Waterproof and dustproof design of all circuits to prevent them from short-circuiting;
8. Intelligent charger that can automatically analyze the residual energy and optimize the charging process without needing any manual operation and extend the battery service life effectively;
9. Speed limit for high position to avoid the possibility of the overturning of goods when electric pallet stacker runs in high speed while goods are in a high position.

Technical Specifications:
Model: TF20-30
Power Type: Electric
Operation Type: Stand-on
Rated Load Capacity: 2000kg
Load Center: 500mm
Wheel (Tyre) Type: Polyurethane Solid Tyre
Rear (Driving) Wheel: Ø343x108mm
Auxiliary (Balance) Wheel: Ø180x76mm
Front (Load) Wheel: Ø276x114mm
Number of Wheels, F/R/Aux. (X=Driving): 2 / 1X / 2
Mast Tilt Angle (Forward/Backward): 3/5deg.
Standard Lifting Height: 3000mm
Free Lift: 100mm
Height of Mast Lowered: 2084mm
Height of Mast Extended (wit Backrest): 3920mm
Height of Overhead Guard: 2320mm
Height from Platform to Overhead Guard: 1888mm
Min. Ground Clearance: 80mm
Overall Length (with Forks): 2471mm
Reach Travel: 685mm
Wheelbase: 1700mm
Front Overhang: 171mm
Overall Width: 1258mm
Front/Rear Wheel Tread: 1138/726mm
Fork Dimensions (L*W*T): 1070*100*45mm
Fork Spread: 247~780mm
Aisle Width with 1000*1200 Pallet across Forks: 2938mm
Aisle Width with 800*1000 Pallet along Forks: 2794mm
Min. Turning Radius: 1965mm
Max. Travel Speed (Full-load/No-load): 7.5/8.5km/h
Lifting Speed (Full-load/No-load): 110/243mm/s
Max. Gradeability: =4.5m
Overall Length (with Forks): 2455mm
Front Overhang: 155mm
Aisle Width with 1000*1200 Pallet across Forks: 2928mm
Aisle Width with 800*1000 Pallet along Forks: 2782mm

1. Technical specifications are for standard models only.
2. Other optional accessories, functions and requirements are available upon request.
3. All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.
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