QINGDAO PROMISING TG500 tractor eléctrico novo

QINGDAO PROMISING TG500 tractor eléctrico novo
Fotografia: QINGDAO PROMISING TG500 tractor eléctrico novo
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91 400 €
≈ 102 258 US$
Modelo TG500
Tipo tractor eléctrico
Ano 02/2015
Primeiro registo 02/2015
Horas de utilização 5 m/h
Peso líquido 10000 kg
Peso bruto 10000 kg
Localização China Qingdao
Data de publicação Mai 25, 2017
ID Autoline PY6742
Velocidade 6 km/h
Dimensões totais 4.02 m × 2.35 m × 3.25 m
Potência 22.79 kW
Capacidade da bateria 1000 Ah
Estado do veículo
Estado do veículo novo
Controlo técnico 02.2018
Número de registo 842710200
Cor vermelho
Disponível 19
Informação adicional: inglês
Electric Heavy-Duty Tow Tractor /Tugger

Electric heavy-duty tow tractor is used to tow and carry large-tonnage goods especially in warehouses.

1. Rear Drive & Front Steering;
2. Large Transmission Ratio to enable the tow tractor to output large torque;
3. Hydraulic Brake (adopting wet brake).

Technical Specifications:
Model: TG500
Power Type: Electric
Operation Type: Seated
Rated Load Capacity: 50000 kg
Wheel (Tyre) Type, Front/Rear: Solid Rubber
Front Wheel (Tyre): 7.5-16
Rear Wheel (Tyre): 7.5-20
Overall Length: 4020 mm
Wheelbase: 2350 mm
Overall Width: 2480 mm
Front/Rear Wheel Tread: 1586/1796 mm
Min. Turning Radius: 4016 mm
Max. Travel Speed (Full-load/No-load): 6/3 km/h
Gradeability: 6%
Drive Motor: 23.0 kW (DC)
Battery: 80V/1000Ah
Type of Steering: Hydraulic
Service Brake: Hydraulic
Parking Brake: Mechanical

1. Technical specifications are for standard models only.
2. Other optional accessories, functions and requirements are available upon request.
3. All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.
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