MASSEY FERGUSON 7616 Exclusive Dyna trator de rodas novo

MASSEY FERGUSON 7616 Exclusive Dyna trator de rodas novo
Fotografia: MASSEY FERGUSON 7616 Exclusive Dyna trator de rodas novo
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Modelo 7616 Exclusive Dyna
Tipo trator de rodas
Ano novo
Primeiro registo 01/2015
Localização Países Baixos Haaften
Data de publicação mais de um mês
ID Autoline GW10351
Potência 180 cv (132.3 kW)
Número de cilindros 6
Caixas de velocidades
Velocidades 6
Eixos 2
Ar condicionado
Equipamento adicional
Estado do veículo
Estado do veículo novo
Informação adicional: inglês alemão neerlandês
Air brakes, Front linkage, Front PTO
Front axle: Tyre size: 540/65R28 - W15
Rear axle: Tyre size: 650/65R38 - W18
Field of application: Agriculture
Fronthydraulik, Frontzapfwelle, Luftbremse
Vorderachse: Refenmaß: 540/65R28 - W15
Hinterachse: Refenmaß: 650/65R38 - W18
Verwendungszweck: Landwirtschaft
Fronthefinrichting, Luchtremmen, PTO aan de voorzijde
Note: Not for sale for using equipment in NL or Belgium

Massey Ferguson MF 7616 Exclusive Dyna-6
Agco Power SCR (e3) technologie
Extra fuel filter with water dispenser
MF 7616 160/180 pk ISO 6.6l AGCO Power Stage 3b
Dyna-6 50km/hour (ECO) Autodrive
Power control and multipad on right
Dyna-6 & Quad-link – Autodrive
1st and 2nd valve joystick control
3rd and 4th valve fingertip control
Standard and economy PTO – 2000 & 1550 rpm/min
Front PTO (CCW) 6 splines, 3.2 ton
External PTO start/stop control on fender
Pneumatic- and hydraulic trailer brake
Heavy telescopic stabilizers
Quadlink – Suspended front axle
Tires front 540/65R28 – W15
Tires back 650/65R38 – W18
Super deluxe air suspended dynamic damping system seat
Telescopic large side mirrors with Electric adjustment and de-icing
Optiride plus Cab suspension semi-active
Automatic air conditioning/climate control
Datatronic + video, isobus, auto-guidance and speedster prepared
Vooras: Bandenmaat: 540/65R28 - W15
Achteras: Bandenmaat: 650/65R38 - W18
Toepassingsgebied: Landbouw
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