Teltomat 120 to./h. asphalt plant fábrica de asfalto

Teltomat 120 to./h. asphalt plant fábrica de asfalto
Fotografia: Teltomat 120 to./h. asphalt plant fábrica de asfalto
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Tipo fábrica de asfalto
Ano 1990
Localização Alemanha Finowfurt near Berlin
Data de publicação mais de um mês
ID Autoline TJ6305
Capacidade 110 t/h
Informação adicional: alemão
Teltomat 100 asphalt batching plant

Year of manufacture: approx. 1990
Capacity: 120 to./h.

- 10 cold feeders each 10 m³
- all conveyor belts from cold feeders to drying drum
- drying drum Benninghoven TT TT 5/2.1 L
- burner Körting CK 100/10,0 ELK (1.400 – 10.000 kW)
- hot elevator capacity 110 to./h.
- filler elevator
- screening deck HN 16/33/III/IV
- hot mineral silo with 5 chambers, total 50 to. + Bypass
- Teltomat mixer 1,2 to.
- ready mix silo Ammann 300 to.
- dust silo 32 m³
- 2x filler silo 60 m³
- dust filter BMD Garant 30.000 Nm³
- 8x bitumen tanks each 30 m³, thermal oil heated
- Control cabin with automatic control system Ammann AS 20
- recycling system

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